International clientele, Expatriates residing in Paris




Who I am and my vision of fitness and coaching.

My name is Ugo

Certified Personal Trainer in London, EREPS member.

I have been personal training for several years now, I began my career training in London for 3 years before moving to Paris where I’m currently based.

When starting fitness and training in general, something just clicked: I realised my worth! What I have found in it was a new, and powerful confidence, I acquired a self-discipline, physical and mental resistance, desire, and a capacity to push myself without giving up what I set out to achieve.

It made me want to share my experience with fitness, as well as my acquired knowledge to help people reach their personal goals: I made it my job.

It is that genuine, human relationship that I place at the center of my activity- I want to bring that good mood and positive vibes at every single session. My aim is to create the interaction that will drive your desire to push harder and not give up to continually develop yourself while having a good time doing so. To me, this is what I am paid for.

My vision of Fitness

Fitness to me is an integrated concept of the body and the mind. The body becomes harder, stronger, more agile and aware whilst enhancing your inner strength and mental health simultaneously.

It is a way to “meet yourself”, to get to know who you are and realise your full potential. It is also a great way to release the daily stresses of life, and to re-focus. We can learn so much about ourselves once we step out our comfort zone. This is where the magic happens.

What I can offer you

Home, Gym & Outdoor training; Fully in line with your goals, fitness level and ability.

The training style I propose will depend on your fitness levels and goals. I am experienced in training beginners hoping to improve general health and fitness as well as experienced athletes who need a more niche style of training. I enjoy mixing athletic and functional training to ensure my clients are building muscle, strength and performing to their full potential.

Because everyone has different goals, fitness levels and availability, I also offer a bespoke online coaching service.This includes personalised programmes with follow up sessions to track progress as well as constant, direct contact with me via my personal WhatsApp.

I’ll listen to you and guide you, whilst constantly challenging you!

Before anything, I love what I do!

Do not hesitate, get in touch !!