International clientele, Expatriates

One to one training to your home, Training in a gym/studio gym, Outdoor personal training

You want to optimize your time and comfort? I can train you in the comfort of your own house.

You do not need a large space, neither you need specific equipment to start training!

We can work every single muscle depending on your needs, physical condition, and goals. General fitness, muscle building, core strength, abs and glutes, overall body tone up, postural balance, stretching, etc

Prefer training with a specific equipment and develop your performances, become stronger, faster, improve stamina, build muscle, or even just learn weight training and its (many) benefits ? You are welcome to train in my gym, or in a studio.

Two gym on the border of Paris can welcome you, one in Charenton, and the other one in Vincennes.

If you would prefer a location more convenient for you, feel free to contact me as other solutions can be possible!

You like being in fresh air, maybe do more cardio training ?

You have a garden, or a public parc nearby your place ?

I will catch you there and bring some equipment for your training!