A few of the most frequent questions and their answer… 

Where will we be training?

There are generally 3 options for training location:

In the comfort of your own home: Specific equipment nor a large space is required. *As a rule of thumb if you can lay down and move your arms and legs around, that’s sufficient space!

In a garden or a public park in the fresh air.

Gym or Studio: I work in partnership with 2 gyms in Paris, one in Charenton & the other in Vincennes. There are also a few studios in central Paris if you prefer

How long is a session?

Each session lasts for 1 hour.

What are your hours?

My hours are from 8am (first session) to 8pm (last session).

What days are you available?

I am available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturday from 10am to 2pm.

Do i need equipment?

For home training, a fitness mat would be useful for your comfort. I will bring my own equipment for the session so you don’t necessarily need to have anything.

Can i Cancel or reschedule a session?

You can cancel or reschedule a session by providing a 24 hour notice. Cancellations and reschedules can be organised on a case by case basis provided a 24 hour notice is communicated.

Fees will be forfeited if a 24hr notice is not provided.

Who hires a personal trainer?

Everyone can benefits from having a personal trainer: beginners that needs guidance and motivation to advanced or complete athletes that needs a specific, tailored training program and extra motivation.

Who is you client type?

My clients are internationally diverse and generally from French and English-speaking countries. I am bilingual in English & French and trained in London.

I have a range of clients with varying goals including simple general fitness and health including toning up; clients with more defined & specific goals such as fat loss, muscle & strength gains, conditioning & athletic performance; I also train advanced athletes in specific sports to provide essential support to ensure their needs and goals are achieved.

Can i bring a friend to train with?

Of course, training session can be done with friend or family! You can be in a small group of 2-3 persons, it is often motivating and a good way to save some money per session!